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TNT OG cannabis strain may be a pure Indica with a THC vary of 21-25%. it’s tight, trichome-laden rock-hard buds with a variety of gorgeously tempting aromas and tastes hailing from the mountains of Pakistan. it’s a really high however unmeasured THC level that even seasoned users should take care with. The aroma is walnuts, cypress, starfruit, and sweet cherry, whereas the aroma is comparable with other notes of chocolate and almonds. Best for evening usage. TNT OG marijuana strain has several unique effects that build it extremely popular among each medical and recreational marijuana users. The slight stimulation from smoking the strain makes it easy to focus on any activity.

Type of High

TNT OG cannabis smacks users with a tough hitting punch that finally ends up being terribly reposeful with sedative effects.

Genetics: TNT Kush cannabis strain may be a cross between Pakistan and Hindu Kush cannabis strains.

Pure Indica

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