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Blue Diesel (also referred to as Blue city Diesel) falls on the slightly indica side with a pleasing, moderate to lasting body buzz. because of its Blueberry genetic science, this flower emanates a light berry aroma that’s smooth, expansive, and fast-acting. This strain is perfect for daytime and comes with very little to no fatigue or increased appetency, creating it a fascinating choice for medical marijuana patients. Originally created by Breeder’s selection, this plant might give simply the comfort you wish.


DJ Short’s Blueberry x NYC Diesel


Bred by Sanni at Breeder’s selection genetic scienceBred by Sanni at Breeder’s selection Genetics


Cream to burnt orange pistils, average coverage with small-headed trichomes over green calyxes tinged with purple edges


Artificial blue sweetener – cotton candy or liquified sugar. (Research suggests 2 main phenos are propogated, one terribly sweet and one terribly skunky; this can be definitely the sweet variety).


Semi-sweet, not a powerful taste on this one (pipe smoked).


Sativa front and indica end. we all decided to try this one along and it had us on our feet interacting directly. speech communication was flowing, laughter and creative thinking were present, and that we had an overall uplifiting feeling. Task management was a bit distorted.

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